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Calling all future doctors!

By Matt Sabongi

Calling all future doctors! Have you ever thought about what it takes to get into medical school?  If not, check out this helpful admissions tutorial created by the University of Minnesota's Medical School. This nine-minute overview explains the admissions requirements and what you can do to prepare yourself as a prospective applicant.

Here at the U of M, students have access to great support resources to help them with the transition between undergraduate and professional school. One of these resources is the University of Minnesota's Health Careers Center. One of several specialized career centers on campus, the Health Careers Center is a unique campus resource, designed to help students gear up for a programs in the health sciences, such as nursing, medical school, dental school, and pharmacy school. The center offers a variety of courses, sessions, online resources, and more to help get started on your future...today.

One of the courses offered by the Health Careers Center that I took as a student was a freshman seminar called Future Physicians. This seminar was a unique course that introduced students to medicine and what it is like to work as a physician. On a weekly basis, physicians came in to talk with us about their journeys to becoming doctors and their current careers. This was one of the most rewarding and interesting courses in my college career. If you are interested in learning more about some other courses offered by the Health Careers Center, check out their course list.

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