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Baseline Tennis Center

By Hilary Baril

The University of Minnesota offers some amazing facilities for student athletes. By "student athletes," I'm not only talking about Division I varsity athletes, but all students that love to play sports and be active. One of these great facilities is the Baseline Tennis Center (BTC).



Baseline Tennis Center is one the best facilities for college tennis in the nation. It is the home of the men's and women's Division I Golden Gopher teams and has 10 indoor and 12 outdoor courts. With seating on both ends, the indoor courts offer a great atmosphere for spectators. There is a pro-shop that has a variety of merchandise, including tennis apparel, shoes, and rackets. They also offer a racket stringing service!

I am no Serena Williams, but I have a ton of fun going to play a few games at the BTC. Weather permitting, I like to play outside, but if I feel the need to play in the middle of the winter, I play at the indoor courts for a small fee. Beginners are welcome too! A former Gopher tennis player teaches lessons during the season and off-season. There's also a beginning tennis class that students can take for credit through the Department of Physical Education. 

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