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Driven to Discover: Current Research in CBS

Ever wonder what kind of research is currently being done in the biological sciences? Take a look at the College of Biological Sciences Driven to Discover webpage. Here you will be able to read about current research being performed by professors and faculty in the College of Biological Sciences. And yes, these are professors and faculty that you as an undergraduate are able to conduct research with!

Being a history of medicine student myself, I found the current research being conducted by associate professor Mark Borello to be quite interesting. Dr. Borello, a professor in the College of Biological Sciences' Department for Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, just recently published a book on the history of the evolutionary debate. His book looks at a 20th century zoologist who defended the theory of group selection. A heavily debated theory at the time, Dr. Borello's book explores the sometime messy development of scienciftic theory. When studying the history of medicine as an undergraduate, I really enjoyed looking at the timeline of scientific theory. What we once was believed to be fact at sometime could be considered completely unorthodox 10, 15, or ever 20 years later. Very interesting.

If you are interested in reading about more of the current research being conducted by the College of Biological Sciences, take a look at our Driven to Discover webpage.

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