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Welcome to my College of Liberal Arts blog!


My name is Zack Haas and I am the freshman admissions counselor for the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at the University of Minnesota. 

I am from the small town of Hutchinson, Minnesota, which is about sixty miles west of the Twin Cities. Going into my senior year of high school, I knew that I wanted to be on a campus that would provide me with a lot more opportunities, and that is exactly what I found at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Throughout my four years in the College of Liberal Arts, I was able to play intramural volleyball and softball, participate in the University Political Science Student Association, find a great job at the Office of Admissions, and cheer on the Gopher football and men's basketball teams. Being on a campus located just five minutes from downtown Minneapolis also meant that I could take advantage of student discounts at movie theatres and Twins games as well. 

I graduated from the U of M 2008 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. When I entered the University, I was really interested in Psychology but enrolled in the Introduction to Mass Communications course during my sophomore year. It was after that class that I realized that the Advertising track in the Journalism major (through the School of Journalism and Mass Communications) was the best fit for me. If you are undecided going into your senior year, don't worry! At the U of M, you have plenty of time to declare your major--until the end of your sophomore year, in fact. This way, you can spend two full years exploring your interests before choosing your major course of study. 

I enjoyed my time at the University so much that I never left. I spent my first year post-graduation working for the Department of Recreational Sports and in 2009, I returned to the Office of Admissions when I was hired as an admissions counselor. The University is a great place to go to college and a great place to work!

I hope that you will find this blog a good resource for you to information about the College of Liberal Arts and life on our campus. I hope you will check back in from time to time and feel free to leave comments or contact me directly at haas0126@umn.edu.


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