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5 student groups I wish I had joined

One of the things I love about the University of Minnesota is the diverse community of students with various interests and hobbies. While you're a student, you will have the ability to get involved in the University's amazing community by joining one or more of the many student organizations. Believe it or not, the U of M has over 600 student groups and organizations on our Twin Cities campus alone!

As a undergraduate, I was very involved in the both the University and the College of Biological Sciences communities. Some of the students groups I belonged to include the College of Biological Sciences Student Board and the College of Biological Sciences Admissions Ambassadors. Both of these groups focused on developing the CBS community by planning events and connecting with students and staff.

My extensive involvement in these two groups along with my rigorous classwork didn't leave a lot of free time, but if I was able, I would have gotten involved in even more student organizations! Here are some of fun, interesting groups I wish I had joined as a student:

1. M.A.Z.E. (Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts)

2. Ski and Snowboard Club

3. Wilderness Health Society

4. Salsa Dancing Organization

5. University of Minnesota Sailing Team

My advice to incoming students is to be sure to get involved early in your freshman year! Being part of a student group is a great way to connect with the community, meet friends, and stay active outside of class. For a complete list of all the University's student groups, visit the Student Groups and Activities website.

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