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A CFANS Princess

By Matt Coakley

On August 25th, the new Princess Kay of the Milky Way was crowned at the Minnesota State Fair. The winner was none other than our very own Katie Miron! Katie is a student at the University of Minnesota studying Agricultural Education. 

Katie was awarded the title of Princess Kay based on her knowledge of the dairy industry, communication skills, personality, and enthusiasm for dairy promotion. This is important, because she will now be the goodwill ambassador for all of Minnesota's dairy farmers.


Photo courtesy Midwest Dairy Association                         

Princess Katie's first task was to have a likeness of her head carved out of a block of butter. The evening of the first day of the fair, I happened to wander into the dairy center and caught a first-hand look at the newly carved head of butter. It is rotating on a large stand that is protected by large panes of glass. It was surely a sight to behold. If I had known that I was going to see this pasteurized piece of art, I would have definitely brought a camera. 

If you're local, I encourage to to go to the Minnesota State Fair and see it for yourself! For those of you who can't attend, check out this interesting article on butter sculpture making.

Click here to read more about Katie and the Princess Kay of the Milky Way competition.

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