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Because it matters

By Matt Sabongi

Deciding where to go to college can be a complex decision. When I was deciding where I wanted pursue my college education, I knew that I wanted to attend an institution that provided me with a lot of opportunities as well as a strong sense of community. That is why I chose the University of Minnesota. In addition to the amazing location, when touring campus I could tell that University was home to a community of students and faculty were not just interested in their studies, but passionate about them!

To see for yourself what I'm describing, check the video below entitled "Because". This video is a quick look at what makes the University of Minnesota community so special. It highlights some of the groundbreaking research that faculty and students are currently conducting at the University, and how that work could change the world.

In this video you will be introduced to a former College of Biological Sciences (CBS) student and personal friend of mine, Janaki Paskaradevan (you will see her at the end of the video holding the "Because" prop). Janaki and I have been good friends for many years. We went to high school together and both studied the biological sciences at the University of Minnesota.

Both Janaki and I were very active members in CBS. In fact, we worked together on the College of Biological Sciences Student Board. Janaki graduated from CBS with a bachelor of science in neuroscience in May 2010 and is now studying at John's Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Check it out and get inspired!

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