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Biking on campus and around the Twin Cities

By Matt Sabongi

Did you know that Minneapolis was ranked "Best Bicycling City in the Nation" by Bicycling Magazine? No matter whether you're living on or off campus, getting around the University of Minnesota and the Twin Cities is very easy when riding a bicycle. In fact, according to the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis actually has over 120 miles of bikeways, with 83 of those being off-street bike trails.

I am a big fan of biking. It's a healthy, affordable, and convenient way to get around. When I was living both on and off campus as a student, my bike would take me where ever I needed to go, whenever I needed to be there. Whether I was heading to class, running some errands, or simply riding around the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, biking was always my top choice of transport!

Don't think twice about bringing your bike to campus. The University of Minnesota is extremely biker-friendly! You can find bike lanes and free bike racks all over campus. Check out the U of M Parking and Transportation website for bike maps, rack location, routes, safety tips and repair services.

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