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Fascinating seminars - for free!

Every week, each department in the College of Biological Sciences welcomes guest lecturers from around the country to speak at the University of Minnesota. Throughout the school year, students and faculty have a great opportunity to listen to researchers from Universities near and far discuss their current research and discoveries. 

As a student, I really enjoyed attending these complimentary seminars. It was fascinating to learn about developing knowledge in different fields within the biological sciences. Also, listening to a lecture without having a worry about taking notes and prepping for an exam was revitalizing and relaxing, believe it or not!

Take a glance the each of the department homepages on occasion and feel free to join students and faculty for cookies, refreshments and an intellectual experience. If you're planning to visit campus this fall, this would be a great opportunity to take a tour, learn about admissions, and then catch one of these seminars. (You can register for a campus visit at http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/visit.)

Seminars in College of Biological Sciences departments:


September 13: Dr. Andrew Camilli, School of Medicine, Tufts University

Title: Transition of vibrio cholerae into and out of the host

Plant Biology

September 14: Dr. Robertson McClung, Dartmouth University

Title: Do you know your ABCs? Arbidopsis and Brassica Clocks

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics

September 15: Dr. John Roth, University of California, Davis

Title: A molecular view of natural selection: Understanding high-speed adaptation  

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development 

September 16: Dr. Steven Leach M.D., McKusick-Nathans Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Title: Finding the Center: Centroacinar progenitor cells in mouse and zebrafish


September 18: Dr. Christopher Cowan, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Addiction-related Synapse Plasticity

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

September 22: Dr. Sarah Hobbie, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota.

Title: Biogeochemical cycling through urban households: The role of human choice

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