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New Science Teaching and Student Services building

By Zack Haas

The new Science Teaching and Student Services Building (STSS) opened just in time for classes to start. I had the opportunity to tour the building and take a look at the newest classroom spaces on our campus.

STSS Grand Opening2 01.jpg

The STSS building combines artistic design with sustainable features. Built on the original foundation of the previous Science Classroom Building, it also reused portions of the orginal foundation walls, which reduced the amount of waste produced by the destruction of the old building. It also uses a storm water management system that filters water before it flows into the Mississippi River.

The building also utilizes natural sunlight and features ceramic window dots and a state of the art natural convection system to heat the building during the winter months. Inside the building you will find stylish modern architecture and art work. This piece of public art was created by Alexander Tylevich, a Minnesota-based artist.

STSS Grand Opening32.jpg

STSS Grand Opening2 04.jpg

STSS Grand Opening2 09.jpg

The new STSS building is not only eye-catching for its beauty, but for the services and classrooms inside. The new building features interactive classrooms that provide a learning experience that facilitates discussion and exploration around the classroom. These interactive classrooms utilize state-of-the-art technology that allows students to share their findings on monitors all around the room.

STSS Grand Opening2 12.jpg

The building now houses our OneStop Student Services, which handles registration and financial aid, among many other things. Their office is located on the third floor, so if you have questions about financial aid, your student account, tuition or registration you can stop in and speak with a Onestop Student Services representative.

STSS Grand Opening2 11.jpg

You can also find the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Career Services Office in the new STSS building. Located on the fifth floor, CLA's Career Services office provides support for students interested in finding internships or jobs. You can stop by and speak with one of our career services professionals and employee partners. This is an excellent resource for students to start their career planning.

STSS Grand Opening2 16.jpg

To learn about the Science Teaching and Student Services building, click here

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