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New Science Teaching and Student Services Building

One of the new facilities on campus this year is the Science Teaching and Student Services (STSS) Building. This is an amazing new facility which houses lecture rooms, active learning classrooms, and many student services, including the U of M's One Stop Student Services office. I recently attended the grand opening of the STSS building and took some pictures to share with you!

Upon entering the building, students are greeted by staff at an information desk. 

STSS Grand Opening13.jpg

One Stop Student Services is located behind this desk. One Stop brings all student services together in one place. If you have questions about finances, class registration, or your student record, One Stop counselors can help you.


STSS Grand Opening15.jpgThe windows facing the Mississippi River provide beautiful natural lighting and use a natural convection system to heat the building in the winter. Ceramic window dots cover every window to acheive maximum convection effect.

There are amazing views of the river from both inside and outside this building!

STSS Grand Opening24.jpg

STSS Grand Opening02.jpg

Of course, there are also classrooms in the STSS building. There are lecture halls as well as a new type of classroom called an "active learning classroom."

The lecture halls are comfortable, functional, and look pretty snazzy with multi-colored seats!

STSS Grand Opening28.jpgMy favorite feature of this building is the active learning classrooms. These rooms have really neat technology that facilitates group problem-solving. Rooms are filled with circular tables which can seat about eight students.  Students can work on projects on their computers, then connect their group's computer to a monitor and display their work to the rest of the class.

STSS Grand Opening20.jpg

The professor is able to take one table's monitor, and send the image to every monitor in the classroom. This enables peer review on the fly! Some assistant admissions counselors were eager to try out the new technology:

STSS Grand Opening21.jpg

I am excited to sit in on some of these classes this fall. Check out this video to see what a class will be like in this type of classroom!

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