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The world of biology is a world of opportunities

By Matt Sabongi 

Studying the biological sciences is a great way to open doors to many kinds of opportunities. Whether you are interested in working in the health sciences, industry, or academia, studying biology can prepare you both academically and professionally to succeed in various careers.

In this Studying Biology video, Professor Dr. Susan Wick of the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) explains how a biology degree from CBS can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

It did not take me long realize the abundant opportunities available for students in CBS when I first began here as a student. As mentioned in the video, research is a big part of the University of Minnesota community. Throughout my four years as an undergraduate, I was able to conduct research in two labs on campus. One of the labs was in the medical school, where I studied cell signaling pathways between white blood cells. The other lab in which I worked conducted structural biology of an inner-membrane protein. 

Both these experiences were extremely rewarding. It was fascinating to use concepts I was learning in my courses and apply them at a completely different level. I highly recommend getting involved in research no matter what major you choose to study. Check out the University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to learn more about undergraduate research on campus.

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