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Innovative biology course in the news

At the University of Minnesota, we pride ourselves on innovation and discovery. This is especially evident in the way biology is taught to undergraduate students.Students in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota learn biology by doing biology in the Foundations of Biology course (required of all freshmen biology majors). This innovative sequence of courses introduces students to the many disciplines in the biological sciences and research starting their first two semesters on campus. Through collaborative activities in a high-tech classroom, students learn to apply the scientific method to real-world problems. In fact, this course has gained national recognition as a model for undergraduate education.

On October 13th, Tim Post of Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) covered a story on the University of Minnesota's new active learning classes and how students and faculty feel about this innovative teaching method. In the story, title "Short lectures, lots of interaction in U's new classrooms," MPR explores the Foundations of Biology course. Take a look, and see what you might soon be experiencing here at the U of M as a biology student!

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