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Featured Class: Bob Dylan

Joan Baez Bob Dylan crop

The University of Minnesota offers freshman seminars to all first-year students. These small, discussion-oriented courses are developed by faculty and are usually based on topics that are relevant to popular culture and what is happening in today's society. Freshman seminars usually meet once a week and are a great way to get to know a faculty member and other first-year students with similar interests.

One seminar being offered this year explores the life and music of Bob Dylan. Mr. Dylan is known as one of the greatest musical artists of all time and is a personal favorite. Did you know he attended the U of M for a year before he moved to New York and became famous? He is also from the Minnesota iron range, just like me!

The Bob Dylan course examines the many contributions he has made to music, popular culture, literature, and film. Class time is spent listening to music; viewing videos, concert footage, and films; and having topical discussions. It is taught by Alex Lubet, a professor of music and American and Jewish Studies. The best part of this class? No exams! 

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