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School of Journalism mentorship program

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) in the College of Liberal Arts has over 10,000 alumni. Every year, students have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor. The mentorship program helps students get acquainted with various communications professions and make connections with practitioners in that field. I applied for the program about two months ago and finally met my mentor on Saturday at the kick-off event!

The Alumni Society Board tries to match students with professionals that have a job that is similar to the students' career aspirations. The board did a great job matching me with a very accomplished individual that has a dream job at firm that I would love to work for someday. The program strives to make the transition from college to career easier for students by providing advice, job search planning, and networking opportunities. It is recommended that the student and mentor meet at least once a month, but we are planning to meet about every two weeks. This week I get to go to my mentor's office and meet her co-workers!

The program is one of the many ways that the University of Minnesota assists students with life after college. Other colleges and alumni associations have followed in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications' footsteps to provide their own professional mentorship programs. Learn more about the SJMC's mentorship program at http://sjmc.umn.edu/ugrad/mentor.html and other ways alumni are involved at http://www.minnesotaalumni.org/s/1118/index.aspx.

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