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Deciphering a 400-year-old map

Research serves a vital role in the education of College of Liberal Arts (CLA) students. CLA Discovers highlights examples of teaching and research, creative work, learning and innovations from CLA faculty, staff and students.

For example, students studying Chinese had the opportunity to use their skills in translating the 1602 Ricci Map. Professor Ann Waltner, who has taught Chineses history since 1987, gathered a group of students and faculty to work on translating Classical Chinese from different departmental materials--one of which was the famous 1602 Ricci Map.

The map itself is one of only seven to have survived from the early 17th century and students here at the U of M had the privilege to work with this rare item! To read more about the map, check out "Veni, Vidi, Ricci" by CLA staffer Kelly O'Brien.

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