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Better facilities, fewer carbon emissions at the Itasca Biological Station

The College of Biological Sciences is continually researching and discovering ways to better our communities and environment. Over the last few years, the college has been planning to renovate and expand on the Itasca Biological Station and Laboraties, one of the University's field research stations located in Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota. 

The Itasca Station has been a vital tool for biologists all over the world for over 100 years now. This expanision will not only include new laboratories, classrooms, and teaching facilities, but it will also strive be to a zero-emission, carbon-neutral campus! The plan is the for this new facility to be a environmentally sustainable research and teaching facility for both the University of Minnesota and Itasca State Park.

Students in the College of Biological Sciences have unique opportunities to take courses at the Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories throughout their college careers. Courses are typically offered during the summer and consist of field biology and research. This is a great opportunity for anyone studying biology, because Itasca State Park is a biologist's dream come true! From its unique location at the pristine headwaters of the Mississippi River to the incredible biodiversity found in this living laboratory, the Itasca experience has come to define biology education at the University of Minnesota. In fact, all first-year CBS students participate in the Nature of Life program held at Itasca before their freshman year. 

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