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U of M teams up United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization

The U of M has recently teamed up with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) to help increase food security and to fight global hunger. The FAO is excited to take advantage of the dozens of programs already established at the U of M in food and agriculture. The goal of this partnership will be to find a way to feed the world with a global population that is growing exponentially. Within the next 40 years the population of the world is expected to grow by about 2.2 billion people. Many steps will have to be taken for us to continue to fight hunger with such a boom in the world population.

Some steps that will be taken include controlling wheat rust which is damaging wheat crops in Africa and Asia, enhancing distance education through e-learning, protecting our food supply through the U of M's National Center for Food Protection and Defense, and by increasing environmental stewardship through efficient farming practices. Some of these efficient farming practices will include farming with less water which will help to ensure the safety of our watersheds, and by better utilizing our agricultural byproducts.

This new partnership between the U of M and the FAO will open many doors for U of M students to get involved in research. Every one of the steps that I explained above will be an opportunity for students to get a hands on-learning experience while also helping to stop world hunger. This is a very exciting time here at the University of Minnesota, and this partnership is a great example of the solution-driven science that takes place every day here in in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences. Check out the UMNews website to learn more about our new partnership with FAO.

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