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Underwater hockey at the U of M

What do you get when you cross ice hockey with water polo? Underwater hockey, of course! The University of Minnesota's Underwater Hockey Club is one of many teams across the world that enjoy this innovative sport. The Minnesota Daily, our student-run campus newpaper, reported today on this incredible sport.

According the article, written by Ian Larson, "Underwater Hockey breaks ice at U," the game is played in a pool with a puck, sticks, goals and six players to a side. Under the water, players wear flippers, snorkels, goggles and swimwear. Players dive to strike the puck that glides across the bottom of the pool competing the score as many underwater goals as they can. (To see what this amazing sport looks like while being played, check out the photo accompanying the article!)

I had never heard of the sport until reading this story. Now, I'm fascinated! Apparently, it has been around for years and there's a national team that competes with many European nations as well as Australia and New Zealand. After four years here as a student, and several months as a staff member, I constantly amazed by the new things that I discover happening on our campus.  

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