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Using math to cure migraines

I've never had a migraine and I consider myself very lucky. A lot of my friends and relatives get them frequently, and they sound incredibly painful. As a former math major, I was very interested to read about a math professor at the U of M who is using math to cure migraines.

Because cells use electricity to communicate with each other, Professor Mori is trying to model the electrical activity of cells and tissue. These models can help other researchers better understand migraines and heart disease. His research furthers our quest to cure migraines, hearth arrythmias, and other ailments.

yoichiro mori.jpg

Photo courtesy the College of Science and Engineering

One of the great advantages to being at a top public research university like the U of M is the opportunity for collaboration between so many different fields. Professor Mori is working very closely with researchers in our biomedical engineering department to further his research.  The cooperative efforts between science and engineering disciplines in the College of Science and Engineering make amazing advances like this possible!

Because Professor Mori's research is so promising for biomedical research, he has been named a McKnight Land-Grant Professor. This award is given to our most promising junior faculty to support their research.

Read more about Professor Mori's research.

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