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Celebrating College of Science and Engineering faculty

I've written a lot about benefits of being a student at the U of M--undergraduate research, study abroad programs, career services, great opportunities in student groups---but one benefit that I haven't touched on yet is our faculty. Because of the University position as a top public research university, it attracts some phenomenal professors.

Marvin Marshak is a professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy as well as the director of undergraduate research. I always wanted to take a physics class with him, but his lectures never quite fit my schedule. I've heard great things about him from friends who have taken his classes. In addition to being an entertaining instructor, he makes time to play racquetball with students at the rec center!

Kent Kirkby, assistant professor of earth sciences, recently won a Distinguished Teaching Award. He is an engaging teacher who really bonds with his students. A former student said, "Kent embodies all the rare and wonderful characteristics one hopes to find in a professor. Had I taken my first class from him during my freshman or sophomore year, I would have pursued a geology minor."

These are just two examples of our amazing faculty, but there are many more. The College of Science and Engineering has 400 tenured and tenure-track faculty members who care greatly about their students.

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