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CBS Nature of Life Peer Mentors

Each summer, College of Biological Sciences (CBS) freshman travel to the headwaters of the Mississppi River in northern Minnesota to participate in a unique pre-college experience called Nature of Life. During this 3-day retreat, CBS first-year students are able to spend time with current CBS students, faculty, and staff, while learning about their college and University at the Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories. 



                                        Photo of Nature of Life Peer Mentors, Summer 2010

I will be honest, after attending Nature of Life during my first year, I could not wait to have the opportunity to do it again. As a CBS student you can actually participate in Nature of Life throughout your college career. You can return to Itasca as a peer mentor!

As a peer mentor, students develop close friendships, build their leadership skills, teach and mentor incoming students, and connect with CBS faculty and staff. If you attend Nature of Life and have as much fun as I did, you may be interested in becoming a peer mentor. You can apply for the program during your first year on campus!

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