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Nobel Laureates at the U of M

Did you know the University of Minnesota has been home to a number of Nobel Prize Laureates throughout our history? These individuals include alumni and faculty that made outstanding contributions to their respective disciplines. Studying the biological sciences as an undergraduate, you will interact with many researchers and professors who are making incredible scientific discoveries. 

Two Nobel Laureates who called the University of Minnesota 'home' are Melvin Calvin and Norman Borlaug.


                 Calvin.jpg                   Borlaug.jpg

Photos courtesy the University of Minnesota

Melvin Calvin (left) graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1935, recieving a Ph.D in Chemistry. In 1961, Calvin was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovery is the Calvin Cyle, a intricate redox reaction that takes place in photosynthesizing plants. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Melvin Calvin is remember for both his amazing contributions to biology and the University of Minnesota community.

Norman Borlaug (right) was an outstanding humanitarian and agronomist. Borlaug attended the University of Minnesota for his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, earning a Ph.D in plant pathology and genetics. In 1970, Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Price for his contributions to the development of high-yield agriculature in third-world countries around to world.

The University of Minnesota is home to so many leaders and innovators just like Melvin Calvin and Norma Borlaug. As a student at the U of M, you can work side-by-side with and learn from these great minds!

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