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Featured class: Toy Product Design

Are you a kid at heart? Would you like to tinker with toys...for a living? Students pursuing a product design minor at the University can get a glimpse into the life of a toy maker in course called Toy Product Design. In this course, students learn the ins and outs of toy design.

Students are put into teams and will design their own toy prototypes. They will also learn about the design process and the necessary steps of creating products while considering customer wants and needs. Students work closely with children to see how they interact with the toy and make adjustments to the product that will improve the user's experience.

At the end of the semester, students present their work to children, toy designers, engineers, and even some toy stores, including Twin Cities-based company Creative Kidstuff. The professor of the class, Barry Kudrowitz, has had plenty of experience in the toy-making industry. He designed a Nerf Atom Blaster!

Learn more about this interesting, challenging, and undoubtedly fun class on the course website.

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