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Student life in the College of Liberal Arts

Do you wonder what College of Liberal Arts (CLA) students are up to? If so, I invite you to check out the CLA Ambassadors Facebook page

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On the Ambassadors page, you'll find information about events on campus, majors, and learn about all of the extraordinary opportunities you'll have as a CLA student...including studying abroad, internships, jobs and service-learning projects. You can also get to know our current and former CLA Ambassadors, read up about why they chose the University of Minnesota, what they plan to do with their U of M education, and much more!

In addition, don't forget to check out our Discover CLA website. There, you will find all sorts of helpful information as you continue to explore your college options.

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 You can read about research conducted by CLA professors conduct and learn more about the great opportunities that you can experience as a student in the College of Liberal Arts!

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