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New class puts CBS students on forefront of metagenomic research

In a new College of Biological Sciences course entitled BIOL 4950 Special Topics in Biology: Exploring Mississippi Metagenomics, students are the principal investigators in ambitious research project to catalog the Mississippi River's microbes. In this course, each student leads a research project that contributes to a larger study of the metagenomics - the study the DNA of all microorganisms found in a given environment - of the Mississippi River.

The Mississippi Metagenome Project research project that aims at gathering genetic information of microbes that survive along the Mississippi River, from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. One of the goals of the program is study how human activity is affecting the biodiversity of microogranisms along the Mississippi.

This exciting course introduces students to two facinating aspects of biology--metagenomics and research. Check out the Exploring Mississippi Metagenomics video and learn about this fascinating experience for University of Minnesota and College of Biological Science students!  

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