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Research spotlight: Using the Xbox Kinect to diagnose mental disorders

One of the many benefits of being in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) is that you're not just a part of the College. You're a student of the University of Minnesota! You have access to outstanding faculty and students in more than 135 different academic programs. The collaboration of these minds can lead to some amazing discoveries.

A unique partnership between the College of Science and Engineering, the Medical School, and the College of Education and Human Development has faculty performing research using the Xbox Kinect.

Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos, a professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department, explains, "Researchers and scientists believe that psychiatric disorders display subtle physical abnormalities in childhood well before the onset of a full disorder. We believe that we can use new computational tools, including computer vision and robotics, with a unique new computer vision algorithm to observe and detect abnormalities in motor and emotion in children to automatically analyze them for abnormalities."

Traditionally, we have relied on experts watching video tapes of children's movements to diagnose psychiatric disorders, but this new cross-disciplinary research offers a solution to the subjectivity of that approach. This kind of ground-breaking research is happening every day across our campus, and everyone from undergraduate to post-doctoral students has an opportunity to be part of it.

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