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Travel the world through study abroad

One of the highlights of being a student at the University of Minnesota is having the opportunity to study just about anywhere in the world through the U of M Learning Abroad Center, one the nation's largest study abroad programs! 

The Learning Abroad Center has put together a wonderful website to help students research and plan their study abroad experiences. If you ask me, the most helpful page is on the site is the Major Advising Page. This page assists students in planning their experience so that the classes they take abroad will be able to count toward their major. The Learning Abroad Center's advisers also work very closely with students to ensure their study abroad plans fit into their 4-year academic plan.

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Another interesting part of the website is the Global Crossroads Blog. This blog is authored by students who are currently studying abroad. It is wonderful to be able to read about the different experiences that these students are having on their trips across the world. My favorite blog post so far was posted by Amanda. She tells us the story of her first motorcycle experience on the streets of India. You can read all about her high-speed adventure right here.

I hope you'll check out the Learning Abroad Center to see for yourself the amazing number of global opportunities available to you as a student at the University of Minnesota!

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