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Like my blog? Check out BioBlog, too!

Thank you to all of you that have been following my blog throughout this year! Every week, I have tried to post intersting events, activities, and information about the College of Biological Sciences and the University of Minnesota.

If you enjoy my blog, be sure to check out BioBlog as well. BioBlog is a blog that concentrates on posting current news, information and event specifically in the College of Biological Sciences. Some recent posts include student job postings, faculty discussions, research symposiums.

One of the most recent posts on BioBlog is advertising an open discussion with Dr. Mark Borello, a professor in the College of Biological Sciences. This week, Dr. Borello will be talking about altruistic behavior and biological clues to human morality at Bryant Lake Bowl. Meet Dr. Borello yourself at Bryant Lake Bowl in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis to join his discussion on "unselfish genes." Or check out my previous post on Dr. Borello's new book on the history of the evolutionary debate.

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