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Tasty research at the U of M

Students in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition are frequently involved in research projects focused on food and nutrition. This offers students the opportunity to get some great hands-on research experience, while giving other U of M students the opportunity to be paid to eat food! These research sessions range from a short 30-minute research project to long-term projects where panelists earn $10.00 per hour.

One recent project consisted of a lunch where panelists tasted different foods, and then had a videotaped conversation about how the panelists feel about the food and its taste.

In another recent project, students taste-tested foreign snack foods. Then, they rated the snack foods based on taste, and completed a questionnaire. This whole experience took about 15 minutes, and the panelists were each paid $7.00. Once you have become a student here at the U of M, you can sign up to receive emails about the different food and nutrition studies happening around campus.

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