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Student employment on campus

The University of Minnesota offers great opportunities to develop academically, personally and professionally. Whether students are seeking a job for a little spending money or are ready to kickstart their careers, the University of Minnesota is a great place to work!

Student jobs can also be a great way to build professional skills, gain valuable experience in your field, and explore potential careers. As a student, I worked for the Office of Admissions as a customer relations representative, which eventually led to my current position as the College of Liberal Arts admissions counselor. My job with Admissions was one of my best college experiences!

The University is dedicated to developing professionals in their student workforce and recognizes students for their outstanding service. For example, each year the Outstanding Student Employee Recognition Awards honor about 10 percent of undergraduate student employees. The awards are awarded annually to recognize our outstanding student employees. That is a great honor to be able to put on a resumé talk or about during an interview! 

Employers at the University of Minnesota recognize that students are students first, and employees second. They will work around your class schedule and are often flexible during finals weeks or if you have an upcoming project or test. You can check out some of the employment opportunities at the University's Employment website where you can search by title, position category, location, and more!

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