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U of M launches nation's first Animal Trauma Center

I am very pleased to say that the University of Minnesota has opened a one-of-a-kind facility right here on our St. Paul campus. The U of M recently launched the first Animal Trauma Center in the nation, which is based on the human model for clinical trauma care. This Trauma Center is primarily designed for cats and dogs for injuries such as moving vehicle accidents, major falls, bite wounds, and smoke or chemical inhalation.

"Most animal hospitals are equipped to handle common animal emergencies during regular office hours, and a number of emergency clinics in the Twin Cities extend those services beyond normal hours," said Dr. David Lee, director of the Veterinary Medical Center. "The University of Minnesota's Animal Trauma Center is unique in that we're able to quickly mobilize the critical resources needed to meet the needs of trauma patients. Just as in human medicine, not every practice or emergency clinic needs the ability to handle trauma cases - but a large metro area can benefit from having a designated center to serve the region."

You can read more about the Animal Trauma Center here.


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