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Ag Awareness Day

One of the best things about walking around the U of M campus is constantly seeing and experiencing new things. Today, I learned that it is Ag Awareness Day, hosted by the students of the Minnesota Agricultural Club. I was greeted to campus by live cows, llamas, sheep, and even a pig!

Ag Awareness Day was created to promote awareness of the necessities of life that we as Americans recieve from our agriculutral resources. The necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and fuel, are displayed to show how agricultural resources play a critical role in our modern civilization. Along with students from the Minnesota Agruiculturaul Club, there are also Minnesota agricultural producers and agencies to offer information and display how their agricultural work helps support people all over the state of Minnesota (and around the world).

There is rarely a dull day on campus, so take advantage of events such as this one to enhance your U of M experience! To learn about future events on campus, visit the Campus Event website.

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