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Graduation, here I come!

It is hard to believe that in just two weeks I will be crossing the stage to receive my diploma. It seems like just yesterday my parents were dropping me off for the first time Territorial Hall. I have learned so much and have had a blast during the last four years. Even though it is sad to be leaving the U of M, I feel as though I am prepared to go out into the real world and am excited start the next chapter of my life! 

For my final post I would like to share with you my top ten reasons why I love the University of Minnesota (in no particular order):

Ever since I visited the University of Minnesota for the first time, I have been in love with the campus grounds. There are beautiful views of the downtown skyline and the Mississippi River. Every building has its own unique architecture and artwork is scattered around campus such as the Wall of Discovery and the St. Paul Bronze Bulls.

Greek life
Joining the Greek community was one of the best decisions I made in my college career. The tight-knit community has provided many leadership, scholarship, and service opportunities for me. I will always come back to campus to support my sorority and fellow Greeks!

Fun classes
Electives and major requirements alike; there are a variety of courses that make learning fun and interesting at the University of Minnesota. History of Rock n' Roll, Toy Product Design, and Bob Dylan are one-of-a-kind classes you can't find anywhere else!

Goldy Gopher
I can't help but smile every time I see Goldy Gopher around campus. His silly antics and school spirit entertain the young and old. It is no wonder why he was named the Best Mascot in the Nation this year.

Our campus is home to students, faculty, and staff from many different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. The U of M is a place where you can explore other cultures and celebrate your own. We come to college to learn from professors and experts, but we also learn so much from each other.

Twin Cities
One of the main reasons I enrolled in the U of M is the great location. I have enjoyed living in a vibrant urban area and being just minutes from professional sports games, world renown theaters, museums, and more.

Campus wide events
If you have been reading my blog, you can probably tell that I enjoy the campus-wide events such as Homecoming, Spring Jam, and Minnesota Royal. Every person at the University shares the common bond of being a part of this community. These great traditions bring students, faculty and staff, and alumni together to celebrate our wonderful school.  

Student groups and organizations
Throughout college, I have been involved in a number of organizations including Minnesota Student Association, Public Relations Student Society of America, Alpha Gamma Delta, and more. Groups and organizations have not only kept me busy, but have provided leadership and personal growth opportunities!

I am somewhat of a "foodie" and love going out to eat with friends and family. The U of M and Twin Cities are full of restaurants with delicious cuisine such as Loring Pasta Bar, Al's Breakfast, and Punch Pizza. This is definitely a great place to live if you like to be fed well!

Big Ten sports
The University of Minnesota has a great tradition of athletics! Some of my favorite memories are sporting events such as the inaugural football game in TCF Bank Stadium last year and seeing the Gopher hockey team beat North Dakota my freshman year.

As in many aspects of life, all good things must come to an end. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to give you an insider's view of life as a Golden Gopher. I hope that I gave you a better idea of what it is like to go to college at the University of Minnesota and have shown you some of the great opportunities this wonderful campus has to offer.

So long....



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