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Minneapolis is the 'Best City for Finding Employment' according to Forbes.com

Forbes.com recently ranked Minneapolis as the Best City for Finding Employment. The unemployment rate in Minneapolis dropped by 0.7% from 2009 to 2010, which shows that an alread strong job market is improving. However, there are many more factors that contributed to Minneapolis's ranking.

Ajilon Professional Staffing, the recruiting firm which conducted the study, also considered the diversity of industries in the city, the cost of living, the range in size of companies offering employment, and the high level education of residents. These were equally weighed in the rankings.

Jodie Chavez, senior vice president of Ajilon says, "The quality of life in Minneapolis overall also tends to be high. The city has low crime rates and poverty rates and relatively low cost of living while being one of the major metropolitan centers of the Midwest. The Minneapolis-St. Paul market is in somewhat of a sweet spot of offering jobs with relatively high pay while having a low cost of living."

To help CSE students find amazing job opportunities, the College of Science and Engineering has a Career Center for Science and Engineering. The Career Center works specifically with companies hiring in the technical fields. Last fall, recruiters ranked the University of Minnesota within the top 10 best engineering schools, according to rankings in the Wall Street Journal.

University of Minnesota students are truly in a great place to begin their careers!

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