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Student group spotlight: Alpha Kappa Psi

The best desicion I made as a first-year student was to rush Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity. In today's competitive business world, I am lucky to have gained so many connections through this organization (in my first year of school!). In addition, I am making so many great friends and having a blast being part of such an amazing group of students. Because I recieved a housing scholarship from the generous Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Fund, I currently live in the chapter's house in Dinkytown. The chapter house is the site of much of the professional development, community service, academic achievement, and social engagement which makes up the four pillars of AKPsi.

Professional Development

It is important that the members of Alpha Kappa Psi succeed in business. The majority of the members are students of the Carlson School of Management, but membership is open to all students. The fraternity provides direction toward achievment in the business world. AKPsi teaches resume writing, interview skills, professional dress and demeanor, business correspondence, and networking strategies, and the experiences of our distiguished alumni are passed down to younger members. Our alumni network not only provides mentorship and internship opportunities, but has led us to our excellent relationship with Minneapolis companies. Saphire Consulting, our own student consulting group, provides even more professional advancement to the members of AKPsi. Through this, and other opportunities such as site visits at major companies, I am confident to say that AKPsi is helping me prepare to succeed in life after graduation.

Community Service

As part of AKPsi's foundation or principals, we strive to participate in at least one community service project every month. Our most recent act of community service, a Date Auction, helped raise approximately $2,700 for Relay for Life. The volunteerism we provide is fun, because we participate together, and all members are eager to lend a helping hand in the community. Some other example of annual activites include The United Way's Family Fun Night, the Como Zoo's 'Zoo Boo,' and Carlson Goes to Work, which helps entreprenuers get a start on their business. It feels good to be a part of an organization that contributes to making the Twin Cities area an even better place to live and work.

Academic Achievement

The chapter house provides tools to help its members succeed in their schoolwork. It is very important that the members of AKPsi hold themselves to high standards of academics. Therefore, the study-friendly environment promotes everyone to reach their goals. We have our own computer lab with free printing and wireless Internet. Older members are always willing to help, tutor, or even lend textbooks to younger members in introductory courses. Also, AKPsi members hold many postions throughout other student organizations, and the knowledge base grows with every individual's accomplishment.

Social Events and Networking

Last but certainly not least, Alpha Kappa Psi is fun! The incredible friendships that are developed here will change my life forever. We have many social events through such as homecoming, a winter retreat, and a spring formal. Other social gatherings happen every single day, and there is never a lack of smart, enthusiastic people to spend time with.

My experience has led me to encourage anyone who is interested in business to rush AKPsi, or at least learn more about the organization on the Alpha Kappa Psi website!

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