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University of Minnesota on YouTube

Did you know that the University of Minnesota has a YouTube channel? In particular, I recommend checking out the "This Week @Minnesota" videos. They'll help you can stay up-to-date with what is happening at the U of M. Check out this week's video on spring fashions!

Also on the University of Minnesota YouTube page there are channels for the Academic Health Center, Goldy Gopher, and even the College of Biological Sciences! These channels highlight some of the many great opportunities and academics our students experience. For instance, the most recent video on the College of Biological Sciences channel highlights a scientist in the Panama studying tropical forest ecology.

One channel that I particularly enjoy viewing is for Radio K, the University of Minnesota's the award-winning, student-run radio station. The station plays an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new. On this channel, you can see in-studio performances by artists from our local area or traveling through the Twin Cities while on tour. Also, make sure to take a look at the Radio K homepage for information about artists, concerts and events going on around campus.

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