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University of Minnesota students create local non-profit teen center, "The A-List"

Asha Sharma, an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota' s Carlson School of Management, has made the most out of her college career. Not only has she completed seven internships, traveled abroad, and participated in Carlson Consulting Enterprise, she has also created her own successful business! Along with her partner and fellow Carlson student, Matt Norris, she opened The A-List--a nonprofit teen center with a mission of entrepreneurship, education, and personal growth.

"The A-list is a social entrepreneurship venture in which teens produce 30 percent of the revenue to support the organization," says Sharma. "It's a unique business model where we provide employment in our snack and apparel business units, and offer education and personal growth opportunities such as daily tutoring sessions, insights on post-secondary education, interaction with business mentors, and fun events like dances and hip hop classes."

Hopefully, this organization will grow and reach out to many communities in need. An opportunity such as The A-list could benefit students in their search toward a career in business, which is a passion that Sharma can relate to. Now, with The A-List, she has accomplished her dream of starting her own business!

"Through combining preparation, drive, and the education provided by the Carlson School, I believe that my peers and I are just as competitive as students from the Ivy League, and consulting, banking, and tech jobs can be ours for the taking if we want them," she says. Sharma's post-college plans include continuing her success with The A-List, but in addition, she will be working full-time in a prestegious position with Microsoft. Sharma received this job after competing with 15 Harvard students for an internship at the company, and proceeding to do so well that Microsoft offered her a permanent spot on their team.

The skills Sharma gained at the Carlson School of Management have helped her gain the competitive edge she had today. Sharma is a great example of the amazing students we have here at the University of Minnesota! After reading the Carlson School News article highlighting Sharma's success, I see her as an inspiration to all students. Watch the video below for more information on how Sharma has "made her own luck."


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