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Finished with Finals, and Ready for Summer!

University of Minnesota students, including myself, are finally finished with the school year and more than ready to begin summer! After experiencing my very first "Finals Week" last semester, I had learned how to better manage my time and motivate myself to study and was able to tackle my spring finals more effectively. This semester, the reward for finishing my final exams is much sweeter, because now I can enjoy three months of summer vacation.

My schedule for my final exams was a challenge, but one I was able to handle. For one of my classes, I had a take-home exam where I needed to write three essays in one week. It was difficult, but it was nice to be able to use my notes and other materials. At first I was worried about my first day of Finals Week since I had two of my most difficult exams on the same day, but I managed to do well on both of them! The professors of both classes, gave us study guides and provided extra office hours to help us prepare. Although I had two big tests on the same day, I know that other students originally had up to three exams in one day. Luckily, the University of Minnesota is very accommodating in rescheduling those exams to help students with their finals week workload.

My last final exam was for my astronomy class, which was on the last day of finals week--Saturday. Although I didn't enjoy having to wake up early on a weekend morning, it was nice to have the entire week to study.

Since there are no classes during Finals Week, I even had some extra time to spare. The University Recreation Center offers free finals week group fitness classes, and I was able to take a "Cardio-Kickboxing" class, as well as a yoga class. It was a great stress-reliever! I'm really glad that the Recreation Center offered these awesome programs for everyone on campus to experience.

Now that the beautiful Minnesota summer weather has arrived, I can't wait to have fun on my vacation from school! I will be sure to keep you updated on all the exciting things that are happening in Minneapolis over the summer. If you'd like to experience campus for yourself this summer, be sure to schedule a visit, or check out one of our Summer Sneak Preview events!

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