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U of M Now Offering Freshman Seminars Abroad

Many graduates of the University of Minnesota say that their favorite part of college was studying abroad. Whether it is a three-week course or a semester-long international experience, studying abroad can expand your worldview and help you to gain a new perspective on another country. I know that I will be studying abroad at least once in the next three years. Although I haven't decided where I am going yet, I am very excited for my international experience!


A new and exciting addition to the U of M's learning abroad options, the Learning Abroad Center will now be offering Freshman Seminars Abroad. Students who take advantage of this program attend the seminar on campus for most of the spring semester, with a study abroad component during spring break. Freshman Seminars abroad are 3 credits at the 19xx level and fulfill a liberal education requirement. For the upcoming year, these opportunities are offered in Paris, France; Accrra, Ghana; or Scotland & England, United Kingdom.


The University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center is a leader in providing innovative international learning experiences that expand and redefine the world for a diverse population of students, colleagues and staff. There are more than 300 opportunities in more than 70 countries available through the University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center! With the variation in length, level, academic focus, teaching format, language requirements, and cost between the many programs, I have no doubt that there is a study abroad experience that is right for any student.


Additionally, The Learning Abroad Center offers a full range of advising and support services to students. They are there to help select the best program for you, as well as give advice on financial, academic, and travel planning.


It's never too early to study abroad. The Freshman Seminars Abroad are a great way to prepare for a longer study abroad program later in your college career. Freshman Seminars vary by program, and are typically around $2,500-$3,500. Financial aid and scholarships are available, and Freshman Seminars Abroad are considered part of students' spring semester course load. The application deadline for incoming freshmen students is November 1, 2011, and there is a 20-student cap to each Freshman Seminar Abroad, so act quickly!

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