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From Akkadian to Urdu: Language Studies at the U of M

The College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is a great place to learn about new cultures and new languages. Whether you are interested in continuing with the language you've began in high school or starting an entirely new language, the College of Liberal Arts has a number of options for you. From Akkadian to Urdu, CLA offers more than 30 languages to study with great opportunities to get connected with other students who share an interest in the same language.

Our Living-Learning Communities allow for student to live with other students with similar academic interests in an environment that fosters academic growth. Students are also able to draw from the rich cultural diversity of Minneapolis and St. Paul and gain real world experiences in different languages and cultures.

For students who want to take their languages to a native setting, the University of Minnesota offers more than 300 study abroad opportunities through our Learning Abroad Center - a great way to imerse yourself in a culture and language. The College of Liberal Arts even offers opportunities for students to get paired up with a native speaker through the TandemPlus program.

Whether you are intersted in just getting started with a foreign language or enhancing your pre-established skills, CLA can be a great fit for you!

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