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Singing in the Rain: U2 concert at TCF Bank Stadium

Like many other U of M students, I enjoy the music of world-famous band U2. As a result, my friends and I were excited to hear that U2 was playing on Saturday, July 23rd at the TCF Bank Stadium, on the U of M campus! The U2 360 show was the first concert held at TCF Bank Stadium and was the first outdoor arena concert in Minnesota in 33 years.

I wasn't able to attend the event, but by simply driving by the TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday night, I was able to hear the incredible music of U2 and see the packed seats of the stadium, which were completely filled with fans. The area surrounding the stadium was alive with activity, with people picnicking on grassy areas and enjoying the sounds of the concert with friends. 

Despite pouring rain, fans danced, sang and swayed until U2 left the stage. Front-man Bono even tipped his hat to our TCF Bank Stadium, saying "Get on your boots in your fancy new stadium, handsome place for us to be hanging in tonight..." Along with their iconic songs, Bono broke into "Singing In The Rain." 

Below, I have posted a couple pictures from the concert taken by a University Relations staffer. Visit the University of Minnesota Facebook page to see more photos of the concert...and rock on! 


U2 concert.jpgBono.jpg

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