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Student Spotlight: Vishakha Mathur

 Hi everyone! Vishakha Mathur, a real University of Minnesota student, has shared her thoughts on student life at the U of M. Pictured below is Vishakha and her Welcome Week group, having a blast in the Twin Cities before classes begin.

Welcome Week group.jpgName: Vishakha Mathur
Hometown: Hopkins, Minnesota
Year in College: Sophomore, Class of 2014
Major(s): Communication studies

What made you decide to choose the U of M?
The atmosphere at the U of M is perfect for exploration and finding my own path to success.

What is your favorite part about living and attending school in the Twin Cities?
I love all the different opportunities offered at the U of M, from different classes to different activities/clubs to campus jobs. The campus is like home. Everything you need is right here! :)

What has been the biggest surprise about attending college in Minnesota?
The diversity of people! I know people from around the world, including India, Brazil, Nigeria, you name it! It's a privilege to be among people with such strong and different histories.

What is your advice to students who are considering attending the U of M from your hometown or home state?
The U of M is the perfect college for anyone, especially for in-state students. It is close enough to your home that you can go visit... but you can still have a fresh start and explore to find your own strengths.

How do you keep in touch with your family and friends from home?
It can be difficult to visit home often because the University of Minnesota offers so many activities to keep the students occupied. But there are breaks to go home, and skype is your best friend!

What other schools did you consider attending? What made the U of M the better fit for you?
UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, Rutgers University, and Mizzou. But the U of M is the perfect place for me. It has the perfect vibe of urban city in the middle of suburbs. It has the perfect balance and is the place for success! And the campus is beautiful!

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