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October 2011 Archives

The University of Minnesota is well known for great academics, especially in the field of economics. On October 10, Drs. Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims received the Nobel Prize in economics for their key research conducted while both were economics professors at the University of Minnesota! (Dr. Sargent is now at NYU and Dr. Sims is now at Princeton.) Sargent was on the economics faculty from 1971 to 1987, and Sims from 1970 to 1990.

There are now 22 Nobel laureates with Minnesota ties. Click here to see the complete list of our alumni who have been recognized with the Nobel Prize. Seven of the 22 Nobel recognitions are in economics, and five of those awards have come since 2000. The University of Minnesota now ranks second among public research universities with ties to economic laureates, behind the University of California at Berkeley with 15.

There are currently more than 400 sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in Economics at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and the undergraduate Economics Student Organization (ESO) is very active on campus. To learn more about the Economics major as an undergraduate at UMTC, click here to visit their homepage.

Pictured below is the Nobel Prize winners themselves: Drs. Sargent and Sims. To read more about how they are continuing the legacy of the University of Minnesota's great academics, click here.

Dr. Thomas Sargent 


Dr. Christopher Sims


Hello! I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful fall weather. Over the beautiful weekend of October 2, 2011, the Weisman Art Museum reopened after being closed for an entire year. The closure was due to a $14-million remodeling project, and is now open once again to the public.

The modern art museum is located on the East Bank of the Minneapolis campus here at the University of Minnesota. It is easily spotted on campus because of its metal walls that reflect the waves of the Mississippi. The museum was designed by architect Frank Gehry, and his design for the Weisman Art Museum won him a prestigious Progressive Architecture Design Award in 1991.

I had the chance to visit with a few of my friends last week, and we had a blast! I was blown away at the sight of the many unique art pieces that are displayed throughout the musuem. I was also interested in the Weisman art rental program. For only $12 per semester, students and faculty can rent a framed piece of artwork! I may have to take advantage of this amazing deal next semester to decorate my room.

After the renovations, the museum now features more skylights and twice as much gallery space as before. I encourage you to visit the beautiful U of M campus soon to check it out. The art is extremely impressive, and with weather this perfect and the turning colors of the leaves, the University of Minnesota is more artistically inspiring than ever.

View the video below for more information about the Weisman Art Museum, which was recently featured on kstp.com.

If you are interested design, apparel, housing studies, architecture, or landscape architecture, then the College of Design (CDes) may be the right fit for you. I encourage you to check out the CDes student blogs today!


This is your chance to see what life is life as a student at the University of Minnesota, and see what is going on in the College of Design. By reading these blogs, you will have a chance to find out about College of Design events, get a feel for the day-to-day life of a real CDes student, and learn about the benefits and offerings within the College of Design. You can also learn more about the student groups and organizations that you may want to consider joining as a student at the University of Minnesota.


The writers of the blog posts are real students who are majoring in many different areas of design. The students also include images and videos in each post, to give readers a visual of what the University of Minnesota campus is really like!


The College of Design encompasses the full range of design disciplines from graphic design, clothing design, and interior design to architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. The college also includes programs in housing studies and retail merchandising. The faculty and students in the college seek to advance the quality and value of the natural, designed, and social environments, with a focus on the interaction of people and their world.

If the College of Design looks like a college you may be interested in at the University of Minnesota, visit the CDes website today to learn more!

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