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Student Group Spotlight: Voices Merging

If you're looking to become involved on campus, you will definitely find a group that is right for you at the University of Minnesota! The U of M has more than 600 student group available on campus, with a wide variety of options including academic groups, athletic/intramural clubs, fraternities and sororities, and much more. Among these opportunities, you can easily find a close-knit community of students who share your interests. 

Today, I'd like to put the spotlight on Voices Merging--a talented student group who I recently saw perform at Experience Minnesota: a multicultural open house for prospective students and their families, held annually at the University of Minnesota.

Voices Merging (VM) is a multicultural student based artist coalition dedicated to providing venues, workshops and comfortable atmosphere for all types of artists. Voices Merging brings poets, singers, dancers, rappers, actors, musicians of all generations into one room and create a exhilarating experience.

VM has grown to be a driving force not only for young performance artists but has also continued a tradition of spoken word in Minnesota. The activities of Voices Merging lay the foundation for students to express themselves creatively in a safe and supportive environment, and they unite students regardless of ethnicity, age, or differences.

This student group is best known for its bi-weekly open mics on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. They also hold biennial poetry/hip-hop conferences that bring together well renowned authors, poets, writers and publishers.

For more information, visit the Voices Merging website, or contact the student group at onevoice@umn.edu.

The video below showcases part one of the "From Vices to Verses Hip Hop conference" which is one of the biannual events hosted by Voices Merging, held on the University of Minnesota campus.

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