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How to survive finals week at the U of M (Video)

Finals week is finally here! After all of the hard work that University of Minnesota students, (including myself) have put into our classes this semester, there's just one, culminating test in each of our classes that is holding us back from winter break.

I would be lying if I said that finals week wasn't difficult or stressful at times, but there are so many resources on the U of M campus to help students during this hectic time of the semester. In fact, most of these resources are available to students year-round.

• The professor and teaching assistant office hours are a great resource to students, not just during finals week but throughout the semester as well. Every professor is willing to spend time with students who need help understanding the concepts of the course. These are especially useful in classes that are larger that 20 students. Larger lectures typically provide more office hours where students can have one-on-one time with professors.

• The libraries on campus are open 24 hours during finals week. My favorite library to study is in Walter Library, which is also the largest library on campus. Additionally, Walter offers peer-tutoring services in the SMART Learning Commons, which is a one-stop resource for students needing research, technology, or writing help. The peer-tutors in the SMART Learning Commons were especially useful to me when I was taking Calculus last year.

• The Center for Writing on campus is very helpful for writing intensive classes, which often require students to write essays for the final. Throughout the entire year, students are welcome to schedule an appointment with a writing consultant for advice and support.

After studying as much as we can in preparation for finals week, students on the University of Minnesota campus have a tradition of tossing pennies into the Coffman Memorial Union fountain for good luck. Watch the video below to see this tradition in action, and wish me luck with my finals!

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