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The members of the University of Minnesota Dance Team have proven themselves to be the best of the best once again! The team recently competed in the 2012 UCA/UDA College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championship and defended their championship title for the third year in a row. The U of M team placed first in both the jazz and pom categories. The competition was held on January 13-15, 2012 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. As a student, I have watched these girls dance at every football and basketball game (I even had class with a few of the dancers this year!). Their jazz and pom routines are truly something to be proud of--there is no doubt that they deserve the national trophy!

If you would like to learn more about the members of the U of M Dance Team, visit the Gopher Sports Dance Team webpage. You can also follow the team on the University of Minnesota Dance Team Facebook page. To watch the winning performances, check out the YouTube videos below!

University of Minnesota Division IA Jazz Finalist 2012

University of Minnesota Division IA Pom Finalist 2012

Name: Luke Miller
Hometown: Charleston, WV
Major(s): Communication Studies
Year of Expected Graduation: 2014

Colleges and universities he considered: University of Minnesota, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, United States Military Academy, University of Maryland, West Virginia University

Why he chose the U of M: The University of Minnesota offered three things that convinced me to attend the institution. First, the value of the education is incredible. Choosing the University of Minnesota is receiving the highest level of academics at an amazingly affordable cost. Second, the University of Minnesota has one of the best locations in the country. There is a beautiful, distinct campus snuggled into two of the most vibrant, fun cities in the United States. Finally, the University provides incredible opportunities. When you consider location, academics, and size, there is something for everyone here at the U, whether it is research, arts, sports, community activism, or outdoor adventures.

How he is involved at the U of M: Currently I am working for the University as a Student Development Representative, which has been a great opportunity to talk with alumni and support the University. Also, I am a political news intern with the Minnesota Daily, our campus newspaper. I am involved with Campus Outreach, a Christian organization on campus.

Highlight of his U of M experience so far: The highlight for my University experience so far would have to be meeting so many completely new people.

Spring is finally here, and the U of M campus is busier than ever; everyone wants to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the gorgeous scenery on our campus. Spring break just ended for me, and what an amazing time it was! 

I took the week off from school as an opportunity to participate in a Pay It Forward Tour through a student organization, Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). STLF was actually founded right here at the University of Minnesota by a group of four freshmen looking to make a difference. Since then, the organization has expanded to serve thousands of college, high school, and middle school students by providing opportunities in service and leadership.

The Pay It Forward Tour is a nine-day bus trip across the United States. The students on the tour stop in five different cities along the way. In each city, a community service project is completed before moving on. The tour ends in a "celebration city" where many buses gather to complete one huge service project, and share the different experiences that were had on the trip. 

To learn more about what the Pay It Forward Tour is, check out the short video below:

This spring break was my second college Pay It Forward Tour. I also participated in a high school tour, which was four days long. I love getting involved with STLF and feeling like I really made a difference in the world! On the tour this year (from March 9-March 17) I traveled to: Rock Island, IL; St. Louis, MO; Paducah, KY; Memphis, TN; Texarkana, TX/AR and Dallas, TX. The community service projects were extremely rewarding. In Rock Island, I met the oldest man in the Western Hemisphere while helping out at a nursing home (He's 111 years old!), and in Kentucky, I was able to read to the most adorable elementary school children. We also completed a few outdoor projects on the trip. The tourism is also what makes this trip amazing! I was able to see so much of the country in such a short amount of time, including sites like the St. Louis arch and Beale Street in Memphis.

Finally, my favorite part of Pay It Forward Tours is the people you meet along the way. I have made an amazing group of 41 friends who were with me on the bus. We shared an incredible experience together, we got to know each other very well, and we will stay in touch for an especially long time!

If you would like to learn more about STLF and the Pay It Forward Tours, please visit the STLF website at http://www.stlf.net. To see photos from my Tour and the other Tours that travelled to Dallas over spring break this year, watch the video below! I hope you are able to see what an amazing time I had by getting involved this spring break!

The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota announced its new dean recently. Sri Zaheer, a twenty-year veteran of the Carlson School, will be the second woman to hold this position. 

As a student at the Carlson School of Management, I can't wait to see her around Carlson and hear about her plans for the school! 

BusinessWeek.com has conducted a short interview with Zaheer; click here to read it now!



Matt Norris and Asha Sharma graduated from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management in 2011. Together, they founded the A-list--a nonprofit youth center in Brooklyn Park, MN. This teen hang-out is focused on focuses on three key mission elements--entrepreneurship, education, and personal growth. Teens can go to the A-list to get a job, participate in educational afterschool programs, and enjoy fun evening events at night.

Matt and Asha's efforts in creating the A-list did not go unnoticed. The A-list was selected as one of the 15 finalists in the White House's Campus Champions of Change Challenge! Last fall, the White House launched the Campus Champions of Change Challenge program, which "honors students on college campuses who are helping their local communities." Asha nominated Matt for this honor, and he has become a finalist in the running to be honored at an event at the White House on March 15th. The top five students, based on online voting, will not only attend this special event, but will be featured by mtvU and MTV Act, and will host an episode of mtvU's signature program, "the Dean's List."

The goal of the Campus of Change Challenge is to recognize college and university students who make an impact, as well as to inspire students to get involved.

The deadline to cast your vote is Saturday, March 3rd at 11:59 p.m. Be sure to support Matt Norris and the A-list!

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