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Farewell for now Minnesota... on to Australia! Study Abroad at the U of M

The school year is has ended and it's time for summer to begin. My summer plans are especially exciting because I will be leaving the country for six weeks to intern abroad in Sydney, Australia! Unfortunately, that means that I will not be blogging for the next couple months, but I will be sure to take many photos and share them with you upon my return!

My internship abroad is part of CAPA International Education. I learned about this program while researching study abroad opportunities at the Learning Abroad Center. There are so many options to consider at the Learning Abroad Center--300 programs in more than 70 countries!

It's always been a dream of mine to travel halfway across the world to Australia and experience the Australian culture. I am taking on a long-term program because I want to be fully immersed in the culture; it was a tough choice between studying abroad for a semester or instead participating in an internship abroad during the summer. I choice to intern abroad because I believe it will be interesting to learn how businesses operate internationally, and I will gain a better global perspective. Additionally, I will be living with a family in Sydney, rather than in an apartment building, to completely understand the daily life and culture in Australia. I will not be traveling with anyone I know, so it will be exciting to meeting new people on this trip! Click here to learn more about my "Study and Internships in Sydney" program through the Learning Abroad Center!

As a Carlson School of Management student, a period of international experience is required of me during my time at the University of Minnesota. However, I know that I would have participated in a study abroad program even if it were not required. The best learning comes from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things, and that's what studying abroad does for students. The University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center makes it very easy to study or intern abroad, and they work with you to make sure your international credits transfer back to the U of M. The one thing that most graduates regret is not taking the opportunity to study abroad, so I encourage you to all consider it when making your college plans.

Thank you for staying with me this academic year and reading about the U of M through my eyes. Another current U of M student, Emily Ehlert, will be taking over the blogs this summer, so you will be able to experience campus life from a whole new perspective. See you in the fall! Bon voyage! 

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