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Minneapolis Among Top 15 Best Cities for New Graduates


According to a new joint study by Apartments.com and CareerBuilder.com, Minneapolis is currently one of the country's top 15 cities for new college graduates.

Minneapolis (Minnesota's largest city) was ranked 4th in the nation, following Washington D.C., New York, and Boston. Our city's score is better than Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Denver.

Minneapolis has the second-lowest unemployment rate of the 15 cities on the entire list, scoring at 5.6%.  It also has a lower rent rate, averaging $974 for a one-bedroom apartment, compared to $1,789 in New York or $1,814 in Boston.

Since there are more than one million bachelor's degrees earned each year, new graduates need to hastily decide where to work and live. Luckily, Minneapolis scored well in the entry-level position category of the study.

Throughout my educational career at the U of M, I have seen these statistics come to life in real situations. Many of my friends had not just one, but several internships in their fields while being a student, and several of them received jobs immediately after gradation. I myself have been lucky enough to gain valuable career experiences through three different internships while being a student here at the U of M.

Living in a major metro area is full of opportunities, especially since Minneapolis is a leader in healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and other forms of commerce. I'm glad to be taking advantage of the opportunities Minneapolis has to offer!

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