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Major Spotlight Series: Business Majors in CFANS

The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences offers 14 majors and 22 minors. CFANS' nationally recognized programs, hands-on learning, small-college feel, and broad array of internship and research opportunities provide students with the education and experience they need for successful carees in private businesses, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations, or for graduate study. Three business-related CFANS majors are highlighted below. To learn about more U of M major options, visit http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/admissioninfo/fresh_acadprog.html.

Major: Recreation Resource Management

Description: The Recreation Resource Management curriculum prepares students to plan and manage natural and non-urban recreational land and water, as well as manager the people and organizations that depend on these resources. The curriculum emphasizes natural and managed non-urban areas; natural resources-oriented recreation programs in public and private sectors; social science aspects of natural resources use; and skills in communication, planning, and management.

Examples of Careers: Environmental Educator, Environmentalist, Eco-Travel Consultant, Naturalist, Recreation Facility Manager, Wilderness/Adventure Guide, Natural Heritage Recreation Officer, or Park Ranger

Major: Applied Economics

Description: Applied economics is the social science that uses tools to analyze real-world problems. It allows us as individuals and as a society to think about making choices wisely in the areas of jobs, wages, taxes, pollution, poverty, economic growth, and more. Areas of study include management and finance, marketing, food retailing, trade and development, resources and the environment, and more. 

Examples of Careers: Assistant Policy Analyst, Business Analyst, Commodity Merchandiser, Financial Advisor, Marketing Specialist, Revenue Tax Specialist, and employers such as Retail Food Companies, Government Agencies, Research Centers and Universities, and Non Profit Agencies.

Major: Bioproducts Marketing and Management

Description: Bioproducts are materials, chemicals and energy derived from renewable bio-resources including forestry, agriculture and other biomass. The molecular building blocks and components of biomass can be harnessed to heat our homes, run our cars, light our buildings, and provide industrial and consumer products. This major provides students with knowledge in the sustainable utilization of bio-resources while protecting the environment. Students choose from two areas of specialization:

  • Marketing and Management
  • Residential Building Science and Technology

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